Free Online Word Processor and Chat Application

Free, fun, fast and friendly online word processor and chat – using PrimaryPad

Create documents, share ideas, and collaborate with others by simply copying and pasting the webpage URL and sending an email. The text is synchronized as you type, everyone viewing the pages sees the same text in ‘real-time’. The app also includes a chat option to exchange ideas and information with others without cluttering up the document and you also can track document revisions.  Once you are finished, select to export as word, plain text, PDF, and others. Your created documents are saved for 30 days and any updates are accessible through the original page link so no need to send emails to collaborators each time. Originally developed and designed by a teacher, this app is great for interactive teacher-student sessions but works just as well with your business colleagues and team/group members. The application does not provide a lot of rich features and is limited to a word processing application, you cannot upload or insert images, etc.

Review of Basic App Features:

  • Real-time text synchronization
  • Documents available for 30 days
  • Up to 50 people can collaborate
  • Chat functionality
  • Up to 50 automatic revision saves
  • Forever free version

Summary Review and Grade

  • No Registration Required
  • No Downloads
  • No Installation Required
  • Works on All Web-browsers
  • No Technical Experience Necessary
  • Works Cross-platform – on all computer platforms – (Linux, Macs, Windows, Android)

Basic version is a ‘forever free’ version and no free trial periods and you do not even need to register to begin using. The application does also offer a Pro account in which you can add features that include creating passwords to secure your documents and keeping a stored copy forever… We had to deduct a little in the grade because the features are limited but this is still a great and easy-to-use application that works very fast for collaborating with others on simple word processing projects.

To give it a try, visit the App Home Page

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