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Although a little slow moving to the cloud, Microsoft has finally put together their answer to Google Docs and Zoho Writer by providing their famous Office Suite experience on the web as Office Web Apps – Office.Live.

Office.Live Basics

This Microsoft Office Web App will help you get more things done virtually – anywhere, anytime from any computer. Many people may like this due to the similar layout and functionality of their desktop version of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.  Now you can upload, view, edit and create using your favorite MS programs directly from your Web browser. Because this is completely web based, so you can use it from any operating system (Windows, Linux, or Mac) and does not require that you have a software version of Office installed on your computer.

Personal Use

Office Live is available free for personal use and you can also access and view your files from your mobile device.


Improve working together with everyone on your team, regardless of what version of Microsoft Office they use and whether they work on a PC, Mac or Linux.  Easily make any documents (or files) accessible only to you, share with a chosen few, assign passwords or publish to the world. You are in control to provide access to your files and documents.

Windows Live SkyDrive

Integrated with OfficeLive is Windows SkyDrive which offers 25GB of online file storage FREE!
Provide online backup and online storage solutions, secured access, ease of use, and all the file transfers are done using SSL, making them very secure.

Online Photo Storage

You can use Skydrive to store your photos online. In fact, Skydrive offers some special features for photos management, such as album creation, big thumbnails, caption, and comments.

Working Office Line

The ability to open your web-files in your desktop application directly from Office Web Apps is available on computers running Microsoft Office 2003 or a later version of Office.

Online Backup

SkyDrive also offers an effective solution for online backup but currently does NOT provide a tool for syncing folders or documents on different computers as of yet.

Getting Started

To start- you need a Windows Live ID (if you don’t have one you can register for free by providing an email address) to begin using for personal use.
You will also need an appropriate device (computer/smart phone), an Internet connection, and a supported Web browser - Minimum Versions – (Internet Explorer 7, Safari 4, Firefox 3.5, Google Chrome)

Brief Demo Video Below

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