Manage & plan your wedding, get a free website, track guest list & more – online for free

Free online wedding app – plan your event, set a budget, send invites, tracks RSVP’s, get a website, search local vendors and more using – OurWeddingDay

A free online wedding planner that helps you to ease the planning and preparation of your big day. Set and track your budget, managing your guest list & RSVP’s, create a website, get inspiration and ideas from other brides-to-be and wedding experts with this free web based app. The application is very simple to navigate and use so that you can feel more comfortable in planning for your wedding day without worry about learning or managing a difficult application. As this is a web-based and free online application, there is nothing for your to purchasing, download or install.

The app has a built-in feature that helps you setup a Free website. You can personalize your site by choosing a design, sharing your story, uploading photos and more. You can use your site to organize your wedding-related activities such as your rehearsal dinners, update your guest lists, post the location and travel accommodation details for your guests, and share guest book notes.

Easily announce & reserve your dates. Choose from selections of cards and e-cards, personalize your message and send in 5 easy steps that the app will help you though. When your guests RSVP’s start coming back, use the app to help manage their ‘plus-ones’, meal preferences, and update your seating plan as often as you receive a new response or whenever you want.

The app also provides a free Address Manager tool that can automatically import your contacts from your email. Simply enter your username and email provider to instantly update your contacts with the application site, add notes and reminders about guest meal preference and reception seating, and send free “Save the Date’ E-Cards…

The app also integrates a handy budget planner. Begin by entering your total budget and number of guests for ‘instant allotment suggestions’. Now you can begin to compare your spending on each item to what other brides might be spending but also with what wedding experts suggest. This helps in identifying areas where you might need to cut back a little and other areas where you can spend more.

The app also provides an extensive online database which allows you to search information and local wedding vendors. You cab also explore through the featured Categories which include Planning Tools, Wedding Ideas, Galleries (which provides pictures – dresses, cakes, flower arrangements, invitations, jewelry and more), Gift Registries, and Planning your Honeymoon.

Lastly, by registering for free on the site you also gain access to utilizing the Community Forum – have a question about your wedding (etiquette, reception, rehearsal, traditions, or a particular situation or issue), simply search the community forum for similar questions and answers or post a question of your own and receive feedback from other brides and wedding experts.

Review of Basic App Features:

  • Web-based free wedding planner
  • Free website to customize and promote your big day
  • Budget planner
  • Address Manager – send announcements, track RSVP’s, and more
  • Search local vendors
  • Access large database – get inspiration, review ideas from others
  • Community forum- post questions and receive feedback from wedding experts
  • Easy navigation with Categories (Wedding tools, ideas, gift registries & more)

Summary Review and Grade

  • Free Registration
  • No Downloads
  • No Installation Required
  • Works on All Web-browsers
  • No Technical Experience Necessary
  • Works Cross-platform – on all computer platforms – (Linux, Macs, Windows)

A great free online planning application that offers the essentials for planning your Big Day. The layout and interface to easy to navigate while offering access to many ideas and resources.

To give it a try, visit the OurWeddingDay Home Page

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Unlimited Online Events & Training Registrations, Collect Data & Run Reports

Publish & Customize Unlimited Online Events & Training Registrations with – Eventbrite

Publish and Allow Online Registration for your Events & Trainings – and more!  This application make it easy for anyone to create online marketing and registrations for events and trainings.  If you are hosting an event of any kind and not charging attendees- then everything is free! Customize your events page with colors (select from templates or create your own), customize attendee fields and information and select which to make required fields, ability to cap the number of attendees for your events, include trainer/facilitator bios, maps and directions o events, provide an “add event to your calendar” option, create specific start and end dates to publish (so you do not need to manually create and send on the same day). You can also manually add attendees, edit attendee information (participants can also edit their information), print attendee sign-in sheets, name badges,  create links to send via email, post the event on your website, blog and other sites (Eventful, Google Calendars, etc).

Review of Basic App Features:

  • No downloads or installation
  • Customizable attendee data fields
  • Include location maps, event info & instructor/speaker bios
  • Include agenda or overview and insert links & documents
  • Specify start & end date/time for online registrations
  • Limit number of attendees, create waiting lists
  • Generate event reports – customizable and export as Excel, CSV etc
  • Ability to copy ‘event’ for repeat or similar events & trainings
  • Receive notifications when attendees register

Summary Review and Grade

  • Free Registration
  • No Downloads
  • No Installation Required
  • Works on All Web-browsers
  • No Technical Experience Necessary
  • Works Cross-platform – on all computer platforms – (Linux, Macs, Windows)
  • Customize your event collection information, look & design
  • Easy to use and promote trainings, meetings, & events
  • Free mobile app available

This is a great and easy-to-use application that provides a lot of features while offering you the flexibility to customize how your events look, the information you want to provide to attendees and the type and amount of data you want to collect for reports.  You can also utilize this for events/trainings that requires payment from participants, as the application integrates a payment functions (extend PayPal’s or Google Checkout’s payment functionality), and will also allow to you to apply discount codes and different ticket levels…but this aspect of the app is not free and you are charged a portion for each sale. But for a simple and effective ways to promote your free meetings, trainings and events, this app offers everything you need, give it a try!

Video Demo Below

To give it a try, visit the Eventbrite Home Page

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