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No Download or Technical Knowledge Required with FlashVortex

Need a fresh new look or enhance the eye-appeal of your website or blog??? We found a site that offers some greatĀ effects, integrative menus, tool bars, and icons to make your products and services standout from your competition!!!

FlashVortex Basics
Simple select from the Banner, Text, Menus, Buttons, Clocks Templates
Customize the colors, text, size, fonts, link actions, etc by scrolling down the fields in each templateĀ for a perfect match to the rest of your website or blog.
Once you have provide the desired changes, select Generate and view your new flash graphic.
Now just copy the code provided and place on your website or blog.
No coding required and hundreds of samples provided.

See something that still needs some adjustments after your first attempt? Go back on your web-page and make the minor changes until you get it just right. Then copy and paste the code on your website or blog.

No Sign-up or Downloads Required
Their basic service is FREE!
If you want to remove the small promo plug on the bottom right corner of your flash object, an Annual Membership is less than $30.00!!
You can also select to download and host the flash on your own server if you wish.

Video Demo Below

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