Free Online Chart Creator

Free web-based chart creator – edit, customize, save, print and email charts and graphs

A free and easy to use online web application for creating charts and graphs directly from your web browser. Easily input your field names and values and select “Draw” and the app does everything for you.

This free app does not require any registration or downloading and allows you to quickly create charts online using only an Internet connection and any web browser. Once you have provided the data and values, you can customize the presentation of your informaiton through the selection of different chart types and modes of graphs.

Simply visit the app website and you will see a sample pie chart with data and values in place. To get started  change the values and click on the “Draw” option. The chart will modify based on the new values you supplied. Next, you can click on “Editor” to see more options for modifying and customizing your chart.

Review of Basic App Features:

  • All web-based
  • Many Chart Types: line, area, column, bar, scatter, pie, map, trend, etc
  • Customization options: modify fonts, sizes, title, legend, background, borders, 3D features, etc
  • Share: send shortened URL created by the app, Tweet your chart, save as a picture
  • Qucik and easy to use

Summary Review and Grade

  • No Registration Required
  • No Downloads
  • No Installation Required
  • Works on All Web-browsers
  • No Technical Experience Necessary
  • Works Cross-platform – on all computer platforms – (Linux, Macs, Windows, Android)

If you need to quickly create a chart or graph then this is a great application to have at your disposal . This is a fast and simple app that does not require any registration or installation.  The web app looks to be using Google’s graphing platform but you do not need a Google account or open/access your Google account to create and share your created chart. We noted some issues with the “Print” option but you can still print from from screen and/or save your chart as a picture and print that way also.

To give it a try, visit the App Web Page

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