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Zoho Writer is one of the most complete online word processors and easily rivals desktop word processors for day-to-day usage. In addition to having a WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) editor and over a dozen fonts, Zoho Writer has the ability to insert tables, links, html, and images into documents.

How Zoho Works

Zoho Writer works just like a regular word processor. You can start with a blank page, or import HTML, DOC, DOCX, SXW (Open Office), ODT, RTF, JPEG, GIF, PNG and text files, with a 10MB maximum file size. You can also export documents to a similarly wide range of formats, as well as publish documents and share. A useful History feature lets you revert to any previously saved versions. It also can show you the differences between the versions. The result looks similar to revisions in MS Word — highlighted and underlined — but it does not identify the name of the user that provided the change.

Sharing & Collaboration
Easily share your documents online, with friends on an individual basis and in group. Collaborate on them in real time. Publish as a link, grant read-only or edit privileges (note that to edit- others will be required to create a Zoho account- which is also free).

Offline Support
Through the use of Google Gears, Zoho Writer allows you to work offline, so you can save your docs to your computer. Access and edit existing documents even without an internet connection. Offline document edits will be synchronized when you are online.

Post to Blog
A nice way of sharing documents with the whole world. Make use of Zoho Writer’s feature rich WYSIWYG editor for publishing your documents to your blog. The publish utility supports Blogger, LiveJournal, WordPress and TypePad.

Import / Export Documents
Upload documents from your desktop, Google Docs or anywhere on the Web. Download and save them to your computer too.

Page View Editing
Write your documents in a real paper like environment. Edit them the way you wish to see in print. You can also utilize the “tagging system” which will allow you to organize your documents by tag and create folders from any tags your create.

Template Library
Build your document by picking up from a collection of readymade templates from their template library or start from scratch.

Brief Demo Video of Zoho Writer Features

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